Three of the ten brands in China that provide consumers with the “Best Experiences” are actually travel firms or have significant travel components, according to a report published on September by Jack Morton, a brand experience agency based in New York that’s part of the advertising giant Interpublic Group of Companies. The brands include the no. 1-ranked company in the survey, Royal Caribbean Cruises.

The survey, conducted in Spring 2018, was of 6,000 consumers across the United States, United Kingdom, and China and sought to rank 100 brands in 10 industries including entertainment, retail, consumer technology and beverages. It looked at major drivers of the experiences people have with brands including in-store interactions, employee service, mobile platforms, experiential installations, social media content and online shopping. The survey participants were asked general questions about brands, and then a series of 60 specific questions about the brands they had interacted with in the last six months.

Royal Caribbean Cruises was the top-ranked brand in China for customer satisfaction

Some measures seemed to have a bigger impact on customer loyalty and experiences than others: the quality of a brand’s staff and service for one, and the belief that the company delivered on its promises. Survey respondents ranked Royal Caribbean high on these measures, topping the “Brand Experience Index” for 2018.

Other companies in China’s top ten with a significant travel component included Alipay (no. 4), the mobile-payments wing of Alibaba, and Singapore Airlines (no. 5), according to surveyed consumers. (In the fashion and retailing world, Macy’s and luxury skincare provider SK-II also made the list.)

WeChat took the no. 6 spot in China, and is deemed by Jack Morton as the brand to watch. As WeChat continues to evolve and innovate, its management of consumer relationships is an exciting area to watch, and the social media giant may be seen climbing the ranks in the near future.

The final four companies to provide the best brand experiences in China (there were actually 11, due to a fifth-place tie), according to the survey, were video game developer Blizzard Entertainment, Heineken, China phone provider companies Huawei and Xiaomi, and Starbucks.


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