China’s Low-quality Ski Resorts Are an Opportunity For Japan

China had around 12 million winter sports enthusiasts in 2017. Most of them are beginners and many are unhappy with the quality of Chinese facilities. While bad for China's ski industry, it's good news for destinations like Japan and Switzerland.

Creativity Necessary to Reach China’s Wealthy Garden Travelers

The Chinese outbound market is diverse, and includes an ever growing number of older, wealthier travelers, including garden travelers. Reaching out to them requires creativity in both digital marketing and tour customization and planning.

WeChat’s Fake News Problem That Hurts Destinations

Fake news about international destinations are rampant on WeChat according to a new study, and there may be few, if any, sources to counter claims that destinations are dangerous Chinese citizens. To make matters worse, there is no real, clear solution to the problem.

North Korea Bus Crash Could Be Worst Chinese Tourist Incident in Years

A fatal bus crash involving Chinese tourists in North Korea could prove particularly challenging at a time of change on the Korean peninsula.

China’s Real Estate Woes Are Good News for Home-sharing Firms

China's real estate market is struggling, with ever rising prices and expansion in supply. This is bad for both Chinese consumers and potentially dangerous for the Chinese economy. However, it's also a big opportunity for home-sharing companies.

Chinese Luxury E-tailer Secoo Partners with Caissa Travel for Luxury Travel Ambitions

Secoo, a Chinese luxury e-commerce platform, is vying a piece of China's luxury travel market with its expansion into lifestyle through a partnership with HNA Caissa Travel Group.

Singapore Launches Customized Travel Hub for Local Firms

Singapore is launching a new, independent travel platform to help local businesses reach both tourists and booking and travel guide companies. The country is also expanding partnerships with companies like Expedia to leverage big data to promote growth.

Marriott-Alibaba Partnership Coming to Fruition in 2018

After months in the making, Marriott and Alibaba are beginning to roll out some of the products of their joint venture in China. First up: a Marriott flagship store on Fliggy and Alipay payments in Marriott properties.

Duterte Plans to Send Riot Police to Boracay

Filipino authorities are planning on sending some 600 police officers, including riot police, to counter potential protests and stop tourists from traveling to Boracay.

Chinese Arrival Growth in South Korea Not as Good as It Seems

Chinese tourism in South Korea has finally returned to positive growth after 12 months in the red, but things aren't as positive as they may seem.


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Maldives foreign arrivals up 17 percent, despite political crisis
In a shocking turn of events, international arrivals to the Maldives were up by 17 percent according to government statistics for the period between January and March, despite the ongoing constitutional crisis. Governments around the world, including China and the United States, warned citizens to avoid travel to the archipelago. However, across the board, arrivals were up. Chinese arrivals were the one exception, which were down .5 percent.
Tencent on the path to “bear market territory”
Tencent, Asia’s most valuable tech company, is has been sliding on the Hong Kong exchange and is at risk of enduring even more dramatic losses going forward. Tencent shares have fallen 19 percent since January. A stock is usually labelled as officially “bearish” after a drop of 20 percent. Further losses could lead to more sell offs, further depressing Tencent’s share price.