• Will Customized Travel Help Belgium Elevate Itself in the China Market?

    One new OTA is hoping to harness the growing popularity of customized travel to boost the profile of a single European destination: Belgium. A country-specific OTA is a creative move, but whether it can help Belgium (or any country) punch above its weight to attract Chinese tourists remains to be seen. Read More
  • For Chinese Tourists, Going Green is a Luxury

    As the negative impact of tourism on the environment is becoming more clear, ecotourism is likewise becoming a popular trend among tourists all over the world. However, ecotourism is far from mainstream in China, and remains a very luxury experience. Read More
  • Ctrip Chairman Calls for More Museums, Liberal Chinese Visa Policy

    Ctrip's co-founder and Chairman James Liang wants the Chinese government to address China's severely underperforming inbound tourism industry with the help of museums and better visa policy. Read More
  • Platform Deep Dive: Toutiao’s Untapped Travel Marketing Potential

    Toutiao is one of China's most important content aggregators, a platform where users get their daily fix of travel, tech, political, and social news. While still largely untapped by DMOs, the platform has incredible potential for reaching out to potential millennial travelers. Read More
  • Huge Chinese Conglomerate Fosun Eyes North America for New Tourism Acquisitions

    Unlike other big conglomerates, Fosun isn't shying away from big overseas acquisitions, and Fosun executives have indicated that the next tourism market that the company is looking to expand in is North America. Read More
  • For Europe, a Diverse Market Requires Diverse Partners

    Europe's diversity in its destinations is certainly a valuable resource. However, it also presents marketing challenges. It's in part for this reason that the European Travel Commission is making such a broad effort in its recent Chinese partnerships. Read More
  • Hyatt Latest Hospitality Brand to Open Online Flagship Store in China

    Hyatt is the latest hospitality multinational to embrace Chinese online travel agencies' push for "flagship stores"—a more premium, branded customer experience on online marketplaces. Read More
  • The Rise of Live-streaming for Travel Marketing in China

    Live-streaming is becoming an increasingly integral part of China's social media landscape an travel industry stakeholders need to start considering it a marketing tool. In many ways, these platforms are the best means of communicating personal travel stories to would-be travelers. Read More
  • China to Drive 70% of Global Luxury Growth by 2024: Report

    Sarah Willersdorf, partner and managing director of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), told us about why Chinese luxury consumers are significant and how brands can crack the market. Read More
  • Taking a Cue from Macau, Japan Gets Ready to Gamble

    Japan places heavy restrictions on gambling, and traditional casinos are largely banned. However, given the growing number of outbound Chinese tourists and their demand for gambling, the Japanese government will be finally be allowing casinos on Japanese soil. Read More