New Report Reveals Chinese Millennial Travelers’ Behavior and Preferences

A new report unveils the travel preferences of the highly profitable Chinese millennial travelers and compares it to other generations and nationalities.

HNA’s Airlines at Risk as Debt Spirals Out of Control

HNA's crushing debt is bad news for its airlines, who are struggling to even meet their day-to-day obligations and have begun taking even more debt.

Beijing’s New Daxing Airport Stokes Rivalries and Confusion

Beijing's new Daxing International Airport will upend China's domestic air market. But without concrete rules, airlines are left scrambling.

How to Market Airbnb and Home Rentals to Chinese Travelers

Certain adaptations can be made to home rentals on services such as Airbnb to make sure that they catch Chinese travelers' attention.

Chinese Travelers ‘Normalizing,’ but China Strategy Still Key

Chinese travelers are increasingly similar to their international counterparts, but that doesn't mean that the China strategy is obsolete yet.

‘World-Class Moving Hotel’ to Launch in New Zealand

Promoters claim that the Antipodean Explorer will be a world class moving hotel in New Zealand, yet another luxury offering catering to Chinese tourists.

Wechat Launches CityExperience Mini-program Guides for London, Dubai, & Sydney

Wechat's CityExperience Mini-Program, launched with tourism bodies in the UK, UAE, & Australia, is a great example of using WeChat to promote destinations.

Which U.S. States Are Engaging Best With Chinese Tourists

With China now the world’s most important tourist source market, U.S. cities and states need to be able to reach out to Chinese tourists...

Asia Casino Revenues Picking Up After Party Congress

The period after the 19th party congress is proving a boon for casino destinations, but the question is if growth can be sustained throughout 2018 and 2019.

The K-Wave Drives Chinese Millennial Travel to South Korea

Understand South Korea's pop culture success is key to understanding its success with Chinese tourists, which bodes well in the long-term for the country.



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HNA boss downplays debt, signals Hainan Airlines expansion
HNA Group boss Chen Feng recently outlined plans to further grow Hainan Airlines at a business forum in Sanya, but avoided discussing the conglomerate’s current debt crisis. Growing HNA’s flagship airline is a key part of HNA’s goal of reaching a higher position in the Fortune 500. Given HNA’s current debt concerns, with its credit rating slashed and some banks refusing to lend, it’s unclear what the group’s path forward is.
IMF and analysts raise more concerns about health of Chinese economy
The IMF and Moody’s have raised fresh concerns about the debt levels in the Chinese economy. Much of China’s rapid economic growth in the past few years has been driven through credit-funded development projects, but this has left many local governments deeply in debt. Perhaps even more troubling is the debt of major state-owned enterprises, whose debt-levels often surpass that of municipalities and counties. Strict limits on the ability of firms and governments to take on debt has forced many to seek alternative, and riskier, sources of capital, increasing potential economic risk.