How Shiseido Adapts to a Changing World of Travel Retail

Shiseido is embracing both its Japanese background and the company's international future with its business strategies. With Chinese customers, "triangle touch points" is central to Shiseido's strategy: connecting the Japan organization, the China organization, and travel retail to create valuable synergies.

Burberry Sales Down 8 Percent With Stabilized Pound

Burberry sales at UK stores fell by 8 percent in the last three months of 2017. The rising pound is likely the main culprit.

South Korea Sees Record Duty-free Sales Despite Travel Ban

Chinese tourist arrivals in South Korea dropped by nearly half in 2017, with overall tourist arrivals down as a result. In spite of all this, South Korean duty-free sales broke a new record. The unlikely savior? Chinese tourists.

HNA Finally Reveals More Details About $7.5 Billion HiApp

We finally have some more details about HNA's $7.5 billion-backed HiApp. While its a good first step, it's still unclear what HNA's vision for the app is.

How the EU is Celebrating Its China Tourism Year

The European Union is keen to use its China tourism year to attract Chinese travelers as well as making a grand diplomatic gesture toward China. To that end, a large number of events and happenings are planned for 2018.

Chinese Tourism Up in Taiwan in Apparent Policy Reversal

The number of Chinese tourists to Taiwan dropped dramatically. However, they're on the rise again, which may signal a policy shift in Beijing.

Key Takeaways from the WeChat Developer Conference

WeChat showed developers what it has in store for 2018 at its annual developers' conference in China. One thing is for certain: China's dominant social network wants to become much more than a messaging platform, and brands should make note.

China Steps Up Policing of Foreign Companies After Marriott Gaffe

After Marriott was caught listing Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Tibet as countries, Chinese authorities have started going after companies using "improper" country designations, even including domestic firms.

Marriott’s Blunder a Warning in Dealing With Beijing’s Understanding of History

Marriott's innocuous mistake online has had its online Chinese site blocked for a week and shows that towing Beijing's line is necessary for doing business in China.

Will New Rules Help Chinese Airlines Improve Profits and Quality?

New rules that liberalize airline fares for domestic routes in China could mean larger profits for Chinese airlines, but will they really help address China's aviation industry's more deep-rooted problems?



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Birdwatching moving into the mainstream with Chinese travelers
Bird watching in China is experiencing a paradigm shift from localized bird watching to becoming part of a global tourist market.  In China, social networks like QQ, WeChat and bird-themed “BBS forums” have become the main channels for the local tourism service providers to market and communicate with their customers to schedule services ahead of time.
Chinese-owned Venice restaurant bill outrages Japanese tourists
The mayor of Venice has voiced outrage over the €1,100 ($1,347) bill that four Japanese tourists say they had to pay for four steaks, a plate of fried fish, water, and service. The four students complained to police after getting the eye-watering bill at a restaurant near St Mark’s Square. Italian media did not name the restaurant but said it was owned by a Chinese woman and run by an Egyptian.