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British Museum

It’s no secret that the home of the Rosetta Stone has honed a strong China strategy in the past couple of years, but the 75 percent jump is impressive even by the London institution’s lofty standards. The reason for the sharp uptick? Taobao. The British Museum was Tmall’s summer sensation in 2018 when it released China-focused products and it was greeted with similar excitement when it made 400 products, including a range of special-edition jewellery, available on Taobao. July’s WeChat results show the importance of having a diverse and integrated China strategy for western museums and cultural institutions.


Despite its strong start to life on WeChat, London’s Victoria and Albert Museum struggled to maintain momentum with posts averaging 592 views in July compared with 1863 views in June. The top post focused renowned Chinese artist Xu Bing and his relationship with England’s foremost art and design institution (profiles of prominent Chinese artists are often the most popular). Given the museum’s newness to the WeChat world its likely numbers will improve as engagement with China expands and evolves.


Chinese Museums and Cultural Institutions


UCCA’s blockbuster exhibition “Picasso: Birth of a Genius,” is proving one of the most popular events of Beijing’s summer. More than 100,000 visitors saw China’s largest ever Picasso exhibition in July and these numbers are spilling over in the WeChat engagement. Through providing introductions to Picasso and the journey of his painting across different periods of the Spaniard’s life, UCCA’s WeChat platform has functioned as a place for sharing art history and become a cyber extension of the gallery spaces.

MOCA Shanghai

This July, MOCA Shanghai opened Miss Dior Love ‘N Roses Exhibition in partnership with Dior Fragrance. Along with the exhibition, MOCA launched a series of campaigns including a grand opening featuring celebrities and beauty influencers, a lecture on the history of Miss Dior, and a drawing workshop for children. Collaboration between luxury brands and cultural institutions is a smart strategy for branding and engaging audiences.

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