• Digital Deep Dive: Ctrip’s Future in a Larger, More Competitive Chinese Tourism Market

    Ctrip has established itself as one of the most important digital platforms for Chinese travel. In many ways the platform has succeeded in its ability to remain standard an mainstream, even as the Chinese travel market has shifted dramatically in only a few short years. Read More
  • Value Retail Targets $1 Billion in Chinese Spending in 2018

    Value Retail Founder and Chairman Scott Malkin discusses how to provide a compelling offline experience in an increasingly online world and why millennials are not yet the main focus of his business. Read More
  • Atlantis, Sanya Opening is First Step in Hainan’s Luxury Transformation

    The opening of Fosun's Atlantis, Sanya has been planned for some time, but it's hard to deny that the time is especially convenient considering the recent announcement of a new tourism free trade zone on Hainan. It seems that the new resort is a concerted part of a wider effort to turn Hainan into a luxury destination. Read More
  • China is Making It Easier to Apply for Passports to Boost International Travel

    The Chinese government is hoping to spur demand for international travel by making passport application procedures easier for China's over 1.2 billion people without passports. Read More
  • One Thing Israel and Palestine Agree on Is Chinese Tourism

    Chinese tourism to the MENA region is a relatively new phenomenon, with destinations like Turkey and the UAE being among the most prominent destinations for Chinese tourists. Much of the growth of Chinese tourism to various MENA countries is part of China’s ongoing efforts to expand its influence globally, and these efforts have stressed pragmatism ... Read More
  • Swatch CEO Blasts France, U.S. Department Stores & Praises China in New Interview

    Swatch Group's CEO Nick Hayek is bullish on the future of Chinese consumerism, but less impressed with what France and U.S. retailers are doing to provide an excellent customer experience. Read More
  • The New Terminal at Guangzhou’s Baiyun is More Bad News for Hong Kong

    The new terminal Baiyun International Airport will cement Guangzhou's, and China Southern's, growing importance for international travel. On the other hand, Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong International's influence will decline even further. Read More
  • Alibaba’s Latest Move in Travel is a Partnership with “China’s Airbnb” Xiaozhu

    Alibaba's OTA Fliggy is partnering up with Chinese home-sharing company Xiaozhu in an attempt to strengthen its portfolio in the Chinese tourism market. Read More
  • Ctrip Hopes to Bring Supersonic Flights to China with Strategic Investment in Boom

    Chinese online travel agency Ctrip is investing in a Denver-based aerospace startup that is currently developing a supersonic business jet. Read More
  • New Central Village Outlet Mall Promises to Be Thailand’s Biggest

    Thailand established itself as a major international tourism destination primarily through its wide variety of cultural, culinary, and natural offerings. But for the ever-growing number of Chinese tourists to Thailand, retail, and in particular duty-free retail, has become increasingly crucial for the country’s tourism revenue. Now, the Thai retail conglomerate Central Group is planning on ... Read More