• Strong Domestic Demand for Luxury Goods in China Continues in Q1

    Because of heavy tariffs and duties, many Chinese consumers in the past opted to buy luxury goods abroad or from re-sellers than official retailers, much to the dismay of luxury brands. However, strong growth in sales this year in some sectors indicate that more Chinese consumers are staying home to make purchases. Read More
  • Digital Deep Dive: How Fliggy is Reaching Out to Chinese FITs and Millennials

    Fliggy might not be the biggest OTA in China, but it's certainly one of the most important for the high-spending, Chinese millennials, and FITs. The platform's success lies in its unique, youth-oriented appeal and its place in the Alibaba ecosystem. Read More
  • How Correct Chinese Tourism Statistics Mislead Stakeholders

    There are many official statistics regarding the number of Chinese tourists and how much they spend. However, these numbers, while mostly correct, are often framed in ways by various parties to put the state of the outbound Chinese tourism industry in the best light possible. Read More
  • Destination DC to Offer Local Tourism Businesses WeChat Marketing Support

    Destination DC is one of the most active DMOs in the United States attempting to court Chinese visitors. Its newest effort is focused on local businesses and helping them reach out to Chinese consumers through WeChat. Read More
  • Chinese Authorities Extend Airline Content Policing to Qantas, United, American Airlines

    Chinese authorities have been expanding their policing of content that implies that Taiwan and various regions are not rightfully China's on the websites of international airlines. This has included Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines. Now, Chinese authorities are going after Qantas. Read More
  • Alipay’s Booming May Holiday Transaction Volume Underlines Growing Global Foothold

    The international performance of Alipay during this year's Labor Day is showing that the company's international expansion is making a difference in Chinese tourists' consumption habits. Read More
  • Brand USA Demonstrates Impressive Marketing ROI in China

    Brand USA's investments in marketing in China paid for themselves many times over according to a report by Oxford Economics. Read More
  • Tourism Ireland Heads Directly to China to Train Travel Agents

    Tourism Ireland are holding seminars in major 2nd tier Chinese cities to train travel agents. Awareness of Ireland as a tourist destination is relatively low among both Chinese tourists and travel agents. However, the move could also benefit Tourism Ireland's partner Finnair and Finland as a destination. Read More
  • WeChat Mini-programs Proving Increasingly Important Digital Marketing Tool

    WeChat mini-programs are growing in popularity and users are spending more time and money inside mini-programs than ever before. Read More
  • Brand Value of Chinese Airlines Is Reaching New Heights

    While the United States still has the world's most valuable airline brands, Chinese airlines are catching up quick with double-digit growth. Read More