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Lotte Duty Free is celebrating the successful completion of a 20-hour live broadcast by 100 Chinese internet celebrities (“Wang Hong“) on Saturday, December 8 from the retailer’s World Tower store in Jamsil, Seoul.

While final results are still being assessed, the unprecedented promotion was expected to reach 210 million consumers, based on the Wang Hong’s collective following, Lotte Duty Free said earlier.

Spreading the word about Korean skincare to a vast audience in China.

The ‘Double 12’ campaign is Alibaba Group’s follow-up to Singles Day. Lotte Duty Free hosted the first live ‘Wang Hong’ broadcast promoting the event to take place outside China.

The event was designed to promote Korean cosmetics to a mass Chinese audience. The Wang Hong live-streamed into China from 50 booths installed at the store. The live broadcast was co-promoted by Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba to support activity on its next big discount shopping day, December 12, or “Double 12.”

With the support of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, the pioneering campaign generated astonishing impact in China.

The Wang Hong received special training on Korean cosmetics at Jamsil Lotte Hotel on December 7 so that they could talk informedly about the products. The live broadcast ran from 5:00 am on December 8 to 1:00 am this morning, introducing products from 50 Korean cosmetics brands.

Lotte goes live: A duty free store becomes a temporary broadcast studio as internet influencers channel their thoughts straight to millions of followers in China.


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