This story originally appeared on The Moodie Davitt Report, our content share partner. 

Lagardère Travel Retail has reported a 10 percent sales increase among Chinese passengers at Rome Fiumicino Airport as a result of an omnichannel strategy there during its Year of the Pig celebrations.

The figure refers to sales at the retailer’s flagship Aelia Duty Free store in the Avancorpo area during the first three weeks of a Chinese New Year campaign that runs until February 27th.

More than 1,800sq m of the flagship store was decorated with 100 traditional red Chinese lanterns to help create a festive atmosphere.

Lagardère Travel Retail said its objective was to offer a variety of retail promotions through different channels, targeting Chinese travelers throughout their journey — from trip planning to arrival at the airport and after departing.

In the pre-travel phase, the retailer collaborated with Chinese price comparison app Jessica’s Secret to launch two special Chinese New Year promotion coupons. Jessica’s Secret application users received a 10 percent discount with a minimum purchase of €360 or €260 for their purchase in the Aelia Duty Free store from January 29 to February 15.

In the WeChat treasure hunt game, players could point their smartphone camera at different red pocket spots scattered throughout the store to collect shopping coupons.

During the same period, Lagardère Travel Retail also partnered with airport operator Aeroporti de Roma to send two retail promotion coupons through the airport’s free Wi-Fi service. Chinese passengers would see a timed-splash page on their devices offering the coupons when they tried to connect to the airport’s Wi-Fi. They could then screenshot the page and use them in-store.

Inside the store, the retailer projected a dedicated movie celebrating Chinese New Year on a giant LED screen above the entrance. It also featured greetings in Mandarin and English as well as call-to-action messages to invite travelers to participate in a WeChat digital game in the store.

A giant LED screen above the store entrance displayed movies and messages.

The game involved a virtual red packet digital treasure hunt using the WeChat app. Players could scan a QR code with WeChat to start the game, then point their smartphone camera at different red pocket spots scattered throughout the store to collect coupons. A similar game was run for Chinese New Year 2018, but Lagardère Travel Retail enhanced the scope of the promotion this year to cover both extra-Schengen and Schengen areas as well as the main store.

Lagardère Travel Retail said the WeChat digital in-store animation “dramatically boosted the average basket of Chinese passengers playing the game.”