What Governments Should Do to Attract More Chinese Travelers

As the growth of Chinese tourism is slowing down, it's time for governments around the world to look better ways to attract more Chinese travelers.

China Steps Up Policing of Foreign Companies After Marriott Gaffe

After Marriott was caught listing Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Tibet as countries, Chinese authorities have started going after companies using "improper" country designations, even including domestic firms.

Are Cruises Already Falling Out of Favor with Chinese Tourists?

From 70 percent year-over-year growth to a projected decline and pulled ships in 2018. What's going on in China's previously booming cruise market?

New Anti-corruption $15,000 Withdrawal Cap Could Benefit Tourism Stakeholders

A new $15,000 cap on overseas withdrawals from Chinese banks will drive down tourist spending, but that's not a bad thing.

Olympics and Plans for 300 Million Skiers Boost Winter Sports

Winter sports aren't popular in China, but that's changing. There are about 10 million skiers in China and the Chinese government wants this figure reach 300 million.

How Safe is Subsidy-fueled Chinese Travel from Downturns?

Chinese travel is currently being fueled by rising demand and a whole host of state and corporate subsidies. In the face of economic downturns, this model may not be sustainable.

For Stakeholders, China Presence is Crucial, Revenue is Not

Having a physical China presence is still crucial for tourism stakeholders, even if those efforts are loss-making. Having a China presence is necessary for sales when Chinese tourists go overseas.

This Year’s Hottest Christmas Chinese Travel Trends According to Ctrip

Ctrip reveals the most popular destinations and vacation activities for Chinese consumers who venture abroad for the holiday season.

Chinese Wedding Tourism Isn’t About Weddings

Ultimately, a destination's success in drawing Chinese wedding tourism depends heavily on potential reception back home in China.

How to Attract Luxury Chinese New Year Travelers in 2018

The Chinese New Year holiday is becoming an important time for global Chinese travel, but what's the best way to benefit from it?