WeChat’s Fake News Problem That Hurts Destinations

Fake news about international destinations are rampant on WeChat according to a new study, and there may be few, if any, sources to counter claims that destinations are dangerous Chinese citizens. To make matters worse, there is no real, clear solution to the problem.

Japan’s ANA Hoping to Cash In on Mobile Payments

Japan's ANA is the latest international company inspired by China consumer and travel markets and will begin development of a mobile payments platform of its own. However, the company faces an uphill battle because of both Japan's consumer culture and Chinese competitors.

How Do You Find the Right Digital Agency in China?

The challenge is finding a company that's not too big or too small, too local or too global, and smart in the precise areas where you need help.

Alipay Gets Slap on the Wrist for Multiple Breaches

Alibaba's Alipay was fined by the People's Bank of China for breaching in consumers rights, product promotion, and personal information protection.

Malaysia and Tencent to Launch “Digital Tourism Ecosystem”

Malaysia is launching a new digital tourism ecosystem in partnership with Tencent, but it's still not entirely clear what the project aims to do.

Can ‘Travel Frog’ Help Alibaba Save Its Struggling OTA Fliggy?

Can a localized version of Chinese mega-hit Travel Frog help Alibaba promote its OTA Fliggy to Chinese millennial travelers?

Ctrip to Launch ‘Customized Travel’ Summit in Europe

Ctrip is launching business summit for its Customized Travel platform in Europe, an ideal next step to promote the platform given the higher preference among Chinese travelers to Europe for independent travel goods and services.

Should Travel Marketers Care About the New WeChat Mini-program Competitor?

Chinese smartphone manufacturers have come together to launch a competing standard to WeChat's fast-loading mini-programs. Should marketers care?

Alipay Steps Up Push to Cater to Chinese Travelers in the U.S.

Alipay has extended its reach in the U.S. market by adding another 35,000 U.S. merchants in its push to become Chinese consumers' payment method of choice, both at home and abroad.

Scandals and Regulations Cause Ctrip to Lower Growth Projections

Regulatory and customer backlash over Ctrip's practice of bundling additional services with ticket sales caused the company to lower growth expectations in 2018.