New Direct Flight Could Double Chinese Tourists in Ireland

A new direct flight between China and Ireland brings hopes for booming Chinese travel to Ireland as the country is diversifying for a post-Brexit world.

Will New Rules Help Chinese Airlines Improve Profits and Quality?

New rules that liberalize airline fares for domestic routes in China could mean larger profits for Chinese airlines, but will they really help address China's aviation industry's more deep-rooted problems?

Are Cruises Already Falling Out of Favor with Chinese Tourists?

From 70 percent year-over-year growth to a projected decline and pulled ships in 2018. What's going on in China's previously booming cruise market?

Ride Hailing Giant Didi Sets its Sights on the Chinese Tourist

Didi's latest two big moves abroad and into mobile payments signal its clear intent of harnessing the growth of Chinese outbound tourism.

$12,000 in Fines for Hawaii Tourism Officials Accepting Free Airline Upgrades

Four Hawaii Tourism Authority employees have been fined for accepting free flight upgrades, state officials are only allowed to fly coach with state money.

Britain Does What America Won’t: Open Skies with China

The new open skies agreement between the UK and China is a no-brainer for a country desperate to maintain tourism in the aftermath of Brexit.

HNA’s Airlines at Risk as Debt Spirals Out of Control

HNA's crushing debt is bad news for its airlines, who are struggling to even meet their day-to-day obligations and have begun taking even more debt.

Beijing’s New Daxing Airport Stokes Rivalries and Confusion

Beijing's new Daxing International Airport will upend China's domestic air market. But without concrete rules, airlines are left scrambling.

‘World-Class Moving Hotel’ to Launch in New Zealand

Promoters claim that the Antipodean Explorer will be a world class moving hotel in New Zealand, yet another luxury offering catering to Chinese tourists.

Cathay’s Struggles Mean Opportunity for Mainland Competitors

Cathay's fiscal problems may benefit Chinese airlines, who are in desperate need for experienced pilots and flush with cash.