The New Terminal at Guangzhou’s Baiyun is More Bad News for Hong Kong

The new terminal Baiyun International Airport will cement Guangzhou's, and China Southern's, growing importance for international travel. On the other hand, Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong International's influence will decline even further.

Ctrip Hopes to Bring Supersonic Flights to China with Strategic Investment in Boom

Chinese online travel agency Ctrip is investing in a Denver-based aerospace startup that is currently developing a supersonic business jet.

Hainan Airlines Now at Risk Due to Parent HNA

HNA Group is turning to its highly successful and influential subsidiary, Hainan Airlines, to offload some of its debt obligations. This puts one of China's most important airlines at risk.

Aircraft Tariff May Prove Devastating for Chinese Airlines and American Manufacturers, Including Boeing

China's 25 percent tariff on American aircraft will certainly negatively impact Boeing's business. Ironically, the tariffs will likely damage the bottom lines of Chinese airlines much more substantially.

The Biggest Challenges Cruise Lines Still Have to Overcome in China

Cruise lines are facing many challenges in China, as recently proven by the soon-defunct RCL-Ctrip joint venture SkySea. What was once a booming cruise industry has now become a truly challenging market, forcing cruise lines to reorient their China strategies.

China Leads the Pack of World’s Fastest-growing Airports

Most of the world's 20 fastest-growing airports are in China, but the country's fastest-growing airports aren't exactly the usual suspects in Chinese aviation.

Cathay Suprise Profit Underlines Competitive Disadvantage

Cathay turned a profit in the latter half of 2017, surprising many analysts. Still, the company has significant challenges to overcome in regards to its passenger business.

China’s Comac Hopes to Test 102 Made in China Jets in 2018

China's Comac hopes that intensive testing in 2018 and beyond means that the world will see the first Comac C919 aircraft in commercial traffic as soon as in 2021.

Crisis for HNA’s Attempt at an Integrated Airline-Tour Operator with Caissa

HNA Group is attempting to create a "Chinese TUI" with its HNA - Caissa Travel Group, but now it looks like the integrated travel group will be the sixth unit of HNA Group to fail.

New Direct Flight Could Double Chinese Tourists in Ireland

A new direct flight between China and Ireland brings hopes for booming Chinese travel to Ireland as the country is diversifying for a post-Brexit world.