How Shiseido Adapts to a Changing World of Travel Retail

Shiseido is embracing both its Japanese background and the company's international future with its business strategies. With Chinese customers, "triangle touch points" is central to Shiseido's strategy: connecting the Japan organization, the China organization, and travel retail to create valuable synergies.

Burberry Sales Down 8 Percent With Stabilized Pound

Burberry sales at UK stores fell by 8 percent in the last three months of 2017. The rising pound is likely the main culprit.

South Korea Sees Record Duty-free Sales Despite Travel Ban

Chinese tourist arrivals in South Korea dropped by nearly half in 2017, with overall tourist arrivals down as a result. In spite of all this, South Korean duty-free sales broke a new record. The unlikely savior? Chinese tourists.

How NY’s Woodbury Outlet Became a Key Chinese Tourist Destination

New York's Woodbury Outlet has become a key tourist attraction for Chinese visitors in New York who are looking for good deals on luxury goods. To some, it's as important to visit as the Empire State Building.

New Anti-corruption $15,000 Withdrawal Cap Could Benefit Tourism Stakeholders

A new $15,000 cap on overseas withdrawals from Chinese banks will drive down tourist spending, but that's not a bad thing.

WeChat Pay Launches ‘Flagship Airport’ Program in Battle Against Alipay, UnionPay

WeChat Pay hopes to get a stronger hand in the mobile payments battle with a new focus on international airports frequented by Chinese travelers.

How Harrods Stays British While Bending Backwards for Chinese Shoppers

Harrods intends to "stay British" even as Chinese shoppers have overtaken British nationals in terms of spending at the department store.

Property Investments Illustrate Chinese Interest in UK

Chinese investors seem confident that Chinese tourists’ current obsession with travel and consumption in the UK will continue in the future.

Travel Central Element in Luxury Brands’ China Marketing Campaigns

Fendi embraces travel themes in its latest marketing campaign in China, illustrating luxury brands' desire to associate themselves with global travel.

Why Airport Retailers Need to Embrace Chinese Mobile Payments

With competition in the duty-free space more intense than ever, it's time for airport retailers to embrace and encourage the use of Chinese mobile payments.