Marriott’s Blunder a Warning in Dealing With Beijing’s Understanding of History

Marriott's innocuous mistake online has had its online Chinese site blocked for a week and shows that towing Beijing's line is necessary for doing business in China.

Chinese Hotelier Speaks Out Again On China’s Red Tape and Corruption

Corruption and red tape isn't just a problem for foreign tourism firms in China. Wu Hai, founder of Orange Hotel Groups, has maintained that these issues are holding firms back.

Priceline Doubles Down on China Under CEO Glenn Fogel

Priceline CEO Glenn Fogel has not been shy about expressing both the advantages and challenges his firm maintains in the China market, with Chinese competitors being the most significant.

How to Market Airbnb and Home Rentals to Chinese Travelers

Certain adaptations can be made to home rentals on services such as Airbnb to make sure that they catch Chinese travelers' attention.

Rising Chinese Demand Send Tour Prices in Australia and New Zealand Soaring

Booming Chinese travel to Australia and New Zealand are causing travel costs to soar, requiring new strategies to deal with a changing market.

HNA’s Very Own Independence Conundrum in Spain

The conflict between NH Hotels shareholders and HNA has shown no signs of stopping. With a buyout off the table, HNA will probably have to sell.

The Pivot to Asia: Luxury Hospitality Takes Destinations into the Mainstream

International luxury hospitality brands are rapidly expanding in Asia, and they're not shy about who they're catering to.

Airbnb’s Struggles Continue as China Head Leaves Company and Tujia Keeps Expanding

Airbnb's China Head is departing the company after just 6 months on the job as competition in the Chinese market starts spilling over to other markets.

Tencent Continues Battle Against Alibaba With Massive Meituan-Dianping Investment

Alibaba and Tencent seemingly do everything from mobile payments, online retail, to travel. The competition between the two Chinese juggernauts is taking a new...

The Changing Nature of Chinese Tourist Spending: Experiences Are Key

While more Chinese residents are going abroad, they are budgeting less for shopping. Marketing experiences to Chinese tourists is more important than ever.