Alibaba’s Latest Move in Travel is a Partnership with “China’s Airbnb” Xiaozhu

Alibaba's OTA Fliggy is partnering up with Chinese home-sharing company Xiaozhu in an attempt to strengthen its portfolio in the Chinese tourism market.

China’s Real Estate Woes Are Good News for Home-sharing Firms

China's real estate market is struggling, with ever rising prices and expansion in supply. This is bad for both Chinese consumers and potentially dangerous for the Chinese economy. However, it's also a big opportunity for home-sharing companies.

Marriott-Alibaba Partnership Coming to Fruition in 2018

After months in the making, Marriott and Alibaba are beginning to roll out some of the products of their joint venture in China. First up: a Marriott flagship store on Fliggy and Alipay payments in Marriott properties.

Airbnb to Start Sharing Guest and Host Information with Chinese Authorities

Airbnb will start sharing guest and host information with Chinese authorities in a move that will likely have more significant implications for hosts than it will for guests.

Understanding Australia’s New Chinese Hotel Owners

A new generation of Chinese hotel owners is reshaping the hotel industry in Australia. With different ideas of what a hotel should be, Australia's second generation rich Chinese hotel owners are changing the previous generation's recipe for success.

What’s Behind Alibaba’s $486 Million Investment in Hotel Tech Giant Shiji

Alibaba hopes that its stake in Shiji will turn out to be a profitable investment, but what its goals are isn't exactly clear.

Airbnb Helps Chinese Travelers “Kidnap” Their Parents

Airbnb is the number one brand for China’s affluent female travelers—but most users of the platform are under 35. A new tactic asks them to bring their parents along.

MUJI Unveils “Anti-Gorgeous & Anti-Cheap” First Hotel in China

The world-renowned minimalist Japanese retailer MUJI is launching its first ever hotel in China, with hopes that its "anti-gorgeous and anti-cheap" philosophy will strike a chord with Chinese travelers.

How the Most Instagrammed Hotel in the World Ranks in China

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands is the most Instagrammed hotel in the world, but is it doing equally well on social media in China, where Instagram is blocked?

Marriott’s Blunder a Warning in Dealing With Beijing’s Understanding of History

Marriott's innocuous mistake online has had its online Chinese site blocked for a week and shows that towing Beijing's line is necessary for doing business in China.