Sino-American Trade War Would Damage Tourism, but That’s Not What Matters

A Sino-American trade war would be bad for the United States and China, but tourism factors very little its potential impact on the U.S. economy.

New Direct Flight Could Double Chinese Tourists in Ireland

A new direct flight between China and Ireland brings hopes for booming Chinese travel to Ireland as the country is diversifying for a post-Brexit world.

What Governments Should Do to Attract More Chinese Travelers

As the growth of Chinese tourism is slowing down, it's time for governments around the world to look better ways to attract more Chinese travelers.

The Australian Open is a Big Opportunity for Reaching Chinese Tourists

The Australian Open is keen on boosting the popularity of the tournament in China, but it's also a big opportunity for Australia as a whole.

How the EU is Celebrating Its China Tourism Year

The European Union is keen to use its China tourism year to attract Chinese travelers as well as making a grand diplomatic gesture toward China. To that end, a large number of events and happenings are planned for 2018.

Chinese Tourism Up in Taiwan in Apparent Policy Reversal

The number of Chinese tourists to Taiwan dropped dramatically. However, they're on the rise again, which may signal a policy shift in Beijing.

No Trump Slump for Los Angeles and New York Tourism

2017's so-called Trump Slump hasn't stopped LA and NYC from having good years for tourism. Chinese tourism especially helped LA have a record year.

Brand USA on How to Reach Chinese Tourists

Jing Travel interviewed Tom Garzilli, Chief Marketing Officer of Brand USA, on how the Chinese tourism market is changing and how destinations should reach out to potential travelers.

How many Chinese travelers visit Europe? Probably fewer than you think

No one seems to know how many Chinese tourists visit Europe each year. 5.5 million? 12 million? The answer is probably fewer than you think.

China’s Misguided Tourism Ambitions for French President’s Visit

Tourism plays a central role in French President Emmanuel Macron's state visit to China, but Chinese stakeholders may have unrealistic expectations of what Macron can achieve in terms of visa policy.