North Korea Bus Crash Could Be Worst Chinese Tourist Incident in Years

A fatal bus crash involving Chinese tourists in North Korea could prove particularly challenging at a time of change on the Korean peninsula.

Singapore Launches Customized Travel Hub for Local Firms

Singapore is launching a new, independent travel platform to help local businesses reach both tourists and booking and travel guide companies. The country is also expanding partnerships with companies like Expedia to leverage big data to promote growth.

Duterte Plans to Send Riot Police to Boracay

Filipino authorities are planning on sending some 600 police officers, including riot police, to counter potential protests and stop tourists from traveling to Boracay.

Chinese Arrival Growth in South Korea Not as Good as It Seems

Chinese tourism in South Korea has finally returned to positive growth after 12 months in the red, but things aren't as positive as they may seem.

Strengthening Pound Puts Chinese Tourism in the United Kingdom at Risk

A stronger British pound risks reducing Chinese tourists' interest in travel to the United Kingdom after a strong showing in Q1-Q3 2017.

“Hainan” Stocks Jump With News of Free-Trade Zone

Stocks with the name "Hainan" rose sharply after the news that Hainan would become a travel-oriented free trade zone. Yet, many of the companies that rose in value have no discernible connection to travel and tourism.

In Their Quest to Compete with Thailand, Southeast Asia’s Destinations Risk Losing Out

Thailand has become the poster-boy of a successful Chinese travel destination, with the country's neighbors hoping to emulate its success.

Visit Mexico Sets Sights on China Tourism Market in Diversification Push

Mexico hopes to diversify it's tourism source markets with the help of visitors from China, and 2018 looks like the year when these efforts will start coming to fruition.

Tourism Features Prominently in Beijing’s Strategic Long-term Middle East Goals

Beijing's long-term strategic goals necessitate, secure and stable access to fossil fuels. To maintain key relationships in the region, China is turning to a more a robust military presences and tourism.

Chinese Connections to Thailand Have Doubled in Three Years

Thailand had 69 city-pair routes with China in 2015. Today, it has 148, illustrating the increased interest in travel to Thailand among consumers in 2nd and 3rd tier Chinese cities.