London’s British Museum, which holds archaeological wonders from 2 million years of human history, is hosting its first mobile experience exhibition titled “A Journey Through Time” at the new luxury shopping mall LCM in Shanghai, which opened on September 22. The free exhibition also includes a pop-up museum store that offers customized products such as personally-designed DYI T-shirts.

The show contains 40 official replicas of objects from the museum’s renowned collection as well as interactive experience zones and virtual reality tours. There are interactive activities specifically geared toward children on display, and the exhibit also includes QR codes for each item that visitors can scan with their phones to learn more about the replicated objects.

The exhibition features 40 official replicas from the British Museum’s collection

The museum’s second collaborative venture in China attracted tens of thousands of visitors on its opening day, according to a report from Chinese media outlet Winshang. The items replicated in the exhibition come from areas that include ancient Egypt, Greece, and Assyria, and it is the first time that 85 percent of the items—including the Rosetta Stone and Flood Tablet—have been shown to primarily Chinese audiences, the report claims.

The British Museum has also launched a WeChat mini-program for the show, which allows users to learn about the items on display in Chinese or English and make purchases from the British Museum store via the Chinese online shopping site TMall.

As noted, this is not the British Museum’s first exhibition in China, though it is their first at a shopping center. In 2017, the museum, which was founded  in 1753 and holds the distinction of being the world’s first public museum, brought “British Museum: A History of the World in 100 Objects” to the Shanghai Museum.

british museum shanghai

The interactive exhibition attracted tens of thousands of visitors on the first day. Courtesy LCM

The shopping mall exhibit opened on September 22 and runs through October 28, and it will move to Shenzhen next.

Yizan He, CEO of Alfilo Brands which holds exclusive licensing rights in China to the British Museum items on display, said that he hopes the exhibition will help educate Chinese visitors and generate greater interest in cultural antiquities. This past June, the company teamed up with the National Gallery in London for a photo exhibition at Shanghai Metro stations. And in July, Alfilo helped launched the British Museum’s flagship store on Tmall, which has attracted roughly 220,000 thus far.

Alfilo has exclusive licensing rights in China for several overseas museums, including V&A Museum (also in London) and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the broadcasting rights for BBC Earth.


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