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Yesterday was a red-letter day for China Duty Free Group (CDFG) as it signed an exclusive ten-year duty-free retail contract for the new and much-anticipated Beijing Daxing International Airport.

The Chinese capital’s new airport is due to be completed on June 30 and opened by the end of September. As revealed by The Moodie Davitt Report, CDFG was officially confirmed on March 13 as the dual winner of the airport’s two ten-year duty-free concessions for liquor, tobacco and food/confectionery; and beauty and fashion.

Yesterday’s ceremony was attended by senior executives from the airport company, CDFG and its parent China International Travel Service Corporation (CITS). The event culminated with CDFG President Chen Guoqiang (Charles Chen) and Beijing Capital Airport Commercial & Trading Co General Manager Li Hong jointly signing the contract.

Attendants included Jun Xue, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of CITS; Charles Chen; Wang Xuan, CDFG Vice President; Gao Xujiang, CDFG Assistant General Manager; Yan Guang Wang of the Board of CITS; Li Hong; and senior leaders from Beijing Capital Airport Group and the Daxing Airport management company.

A special moment for China Duty Free Group President Charles Chen (left) and Beijing Capital Airport Commercial & Trading Co General Manager Li Hong as they complete the contract signing.

At the signing ceremony, Li Hong and Yang Xuebing, Deputy General Manager for Beijing Capital  Airport Group Company’s Strategic Development Department, delivered speeches. Both said that as a global duty-free industry leader, CDFG ranks as “second to none” in China’s tourism-related retail industry.

CDFG is a highly compatible partner for Daxing International Airport, they emphasized. As state-owned enterprises, the two parties have always maintained a good cooperative relationship, Li and Yang noted.

These artist’s renderings of the liquor & tobacco (above) and perfumes & cosmetics and fashion/accessories offers (below) underline the ambitious way in which China Duty Free Group plans to complement the new airport’s architectural majesty.

This overhead rendering outlines the passenger flow into the core duty free retail offer.

Speaking on behalf of CDFG and CITS, Charles Chen and Jun Xue said that CDFG will leverage its operational expertise and heavy promotional investment to develop the Daxing Airport duty-free business. Preparation for the September opening is proceeding well, they said. CDFG will complete the preparatory work of the duty-free shops on schedule, Cheng pledged, while June Xue said that CITS will fully support its retail subsidiary and ensure an on-time, high-quality opening.

All parties agreed that the signing ceremony marks a starting point for a long-term cooperation between Beijing Capital Airport Group and CDFG. During the next ten years, the two parties will work together to improve consumer service and nurture the image of Beijing Daxing International Airport, they said. This “win-win cooperation” will create a “new benchmark in retailing,” Chen and Li promised.

Speaking at The Trinity Forum in Shanghai last October, Charles Chen told Martin Moodie during an onstage interview that China Duty Free Group would expand its retail footprint inside and outside the Chinese Mainland.


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