About Us

Launched in 2016, Jing Travel has quickly become a leading voice for news and analysis on Chinese global travel. Organizations throughout the tourism and hospitality industry and other tourism stakeholders rely on Jing Travel to stay up to date with the latest business intelligence about this booming market segment. Jing Travel’s mission is to not only narrate what happens in the industry, but to set the narrative by leveraging data and research insights, making Jing Travel the go-to source for information among high-level stakeholders within this growing industry.

Jing Travel Team

Daniel Meesak, PublisherExcited about the prospects of a more interconnected world, Daniel is passionate about global travel and the opportunities it brings to brands and destinations throughout the world. Prior to joining Jing Travel, Daniel spent significant time in China conducting field research and later joined a consultancy firm focused on global Chinese travel. Coming from a finance background, he puts great emphasis on data and the business of travel. Daniel is based in Taiwan.

Mason Hinsdale, Associate Editor. Mason Hinsdale is a China expert with research experience in Chinese consumer culture and economic history. He has spent a cumulative year studying Chinese language at National Taiwan University and another year studying at Nanjing University. Additionally, Mason received his master’s in Chinese studies, with a focus on economic history, from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2017 and his bachelor’s in international relations, Arabic, and Chinese at the University of Oklahoma.

Ann Tok, Contributing Editor. Ann Tok is a travel and tourism expert who has worked with major destinations in the U.S. and brands in this industry. With over 13 years of work experience in Asia, Australia, and the U.S., Ann brings with her an international perspective and cross-cultural experience. Ann graduated with a degree in Public Relations from RMIT University, Australia where she was awarded the Pacific Strategies prize for being the top student in the program, and a Diploma in Advertising from LimKokWing Institute in Malaysia. Ann is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia.  ann@jingtravel.com