About Us

Jing Travel is the ultimate resource for cultural institutions looking to attract a larger slice of the Chinese outbound-travel market. Jing Travel’s mission, through its website, newsletters, videos, white papers, and events, is to help museum professionals and those in the cultural tourism industry identify opportunities to capitalize on this rapidly growing and lucrative travel segment.


For editorial inquiries, please contact:

Peter Huang
Managing Editor, Jing Travel
Email: peter@jingtravel.com


If you are interested in writing for Jing Travel, we welcome guest submissions on any of our areas of focus. We aren’t strict with our submission policies: feel free to send in either a Word doc or the email’s body text, and we are happy to review both short pitches and full articles (although acceptance of a pitch does not guarantee publication of the final article). We just ask that you follow a few basic guidelines, which are listed below:

Posts should be original. It must be disclosed if you have posted elsewhere or are planning to submit to other sites, which may affect our decision to publish.

Your post should not be a self-promotion. We want our contributors to share their industry expertise, but all articles must provide something of value to our readers about the topic being discussed, not just about the author. In addition, any connections to companies mentioned in the article must be disclosed.

There’s no strict word count, but clarity is valued over length. We recommend a standard 500-700 words.

Submitted drafts should be in final form. If English is not your first language, we are happy to work with you, but we prefer that you have it edited before sending to increase chances of publication.  

All quotes should have citations and links. Relevant, properly cited block quotes are fine; plagiarism is not.

We cannot guarantee publication of submitted pieces. For the sake of timeliness, we can only offer one round of edits, but if it doesn’t work out, you are welcome to submit elsewhere. Due to the volume of submissions received, feel free to submit to other outlets after three days if you have not heard back from us.