About Us

Launched in 2016, Jing Travel has quickly become a leading voice for news and analysis on Chinese global travel. Organizations throughout the tourism and hospitality industry and other tourism stakeholders rely on Jing Travel to stay up to date with the latest business intelligence about this booming market segment. Jing Travel’s mission is to not only narrate what happens in the industry, but to set the narrative by leveraging data and research insights, making Jing Travel the go-to source for information among high-level stakeholders within this growing industry.

Jing Travel Team

Marc Einsele, Editor – marc@jingtravel.com

Matthew Lubin, Associate Editor – Matthew lived and worked in southern China for four years and specializes in financial analysis of Chinese companies. He has a BA from Penn State University – University Park and an MFA from Naropa University. He is the founder of Booze, Food, Travel and Total Taipei. His work has appeared in Business Insider, The International News Lens, Shenzhen Daily, and Scoot in-flight magazine.